The One Act Plays of Cheryl Ann Costa
All of the available plays are posted via PDF file which you can either read online or download for free. Public performances or readings of all of these plays requires letter of permission and sometimes a small royalty. Simply email a polite note to Cheryl at

For drama class performances or readings there is no fee required but the author would like to know the details. What school, city & state, the date of the event and a faculty point of contact & phone. Simply email a polite note to Cheryl at

The Meeting
“The Meeting”
Genre- Comic Fantasy - Synopsis: A meeting between the Dept of Homeland Security and the US dept of Magic – four characters - 18 minutes

The DeBreifing
“The Debriefing”
Genre- Dramatic Fantasy - Synopsis: Post WWII interrogation of a former POW about his strange survival after his the sinking of his ship. – two characters - 30 minutes

The Art of Abundance
“The Art of Abundance” 
Genre- Metaphysical  - Synopsis: A wealth woman attempts to leave her millions to her future incarnation.  – four characters - 70 minutes 

A Princess in Training
“Princess in Training” Genre- Historical - Synopsis: A person’s account of their journey from male person to female person. – one character – 45minutes
Gadzooks and Ophelia

“Gadzooks and Ophelia”

Genre- Comic Fantasy - Synopsis: A Norse warrior demi-god is ordered to act as a muse and inspire a mortal artist. three characters – 35 minutes

The Berdache

“The Berdache”

Genre- Spiritual Drama - Synopsis: A an intersexed person tries to join a monastery after a divine revelation. five characters

Barbara & Diane
“Barbara & Diane”
Genre- Comic Fantasy - Synopsis: Two women spiritually share the same body.  Six characters – 40 forty minutes

The Electra
“The Electra” Genre- Fantasy - Synopsis: Amnesia, airplanes, love and Amelia Earhart - 40 forty minutes
The Ghosts of Christmas Past

“The Ghosts of Christmas Past”

Genre- Ghost Story- Synopsis: one couple, four ghost soldiers and a long lost daughter. 45 minutes – seven characters

True Magick

“True Magick”

Genre- Comic Fantasy- Synopsis: Two Goth teenagers in search of a love spell meet the witch in the hood. 30 minutes – four characters

A Snipers Story

“A Snipers Story”

Genre- Drama Historical- Synopsis: An American marksman becomes a sniper for the leftists in 1937 Spain. Four principle characters plus bits  50 minutes

Never Say Yes

“Never Say Yes” 

Genre- Comic Social Commentary – Synopsis: A young man queries his worldly aunt about the topic of what women want. Three characters, one bit – 20 minutes.

The following plays are from Cheryl's early work not currently available in electronic form. Some of these plays are in the process of being converted from paper form and restored into an electronic format.

“Revelations” {being restored}

“The Vietnam Suite- Orders” {being restored}

“Gods” {being restored}

“The Vietnam Suite- Flight 191” {Not available}

“The Vietnam Suite- The Escort” {Not available}

“The Princess”(Competition Version) {Not available}
“Group Therapy” {Not available}

 “The Kiss of Death” {Not available}

“Angels” (play version) {Not available}
“Time Ranger” {Not available}

Zachariah’s Mortuary City{Not available}