Costa Crest

Cheryl Ann Costa - Contemporary Playwright

Cheryl Ann Costa is in a word, unique! She has been a submarine sailor, a talk radio host and a Buddhist nun and now a retired security engineer for a noted aerospace corporation. In her encore career she has returned to being an advanced electronics technician. Vocationally she’s a producer, playwright, and mystery wtiter.

Cheryl's theater experience started when she was 15 years old –1967–, and mostly on the technical side of stagecraft for nearly 22 years. Then in 1992 she started concentrating on character acting, directing and most of all being a playwright. Since 1993, she has authored over two dozen plays, debuting many of them in the Washington, DC metropolitan and suburban Maryland. Some plays have been produced internationally and translated into other languages. The unique topic matters of her work have been the basis for many high school and college level term papers internationally.